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Project Meeting
8th of March 2017 UCAM University Murcia/Spain
Project Meeting
8th of March 2017 UCAM University Murcia/Spain
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 Jordi Schröder is the new DECA participant from Granollers and for the last three months joins successfully Erasmus+ Sport DECA Project!

 Jordi Schröder is the new DECA participant from Granollers and for the last three months joins successfully Erasmus+ Sport DECA Project!

A series of meetings took place on 26th and 30th October, 2017, in Bremen and Bremerhaven, where Jordi Schröder, Mrs. Hartstock from the University of Bremen, Department of Economics, Nils Ruttmann,Local Manager DECA Project and the Coach of Jordi, Mr. Majdi Shaladi participated.

Since August 2017, Jordi has successfully established in Bremen/Bremerhaven (Germany) and his development process seems to be rapid and positive, so far.

All partners confirmed the positive developments that Jordi has shown especially in the field of sport but also in the cultural acclimation in Germany.

Jordi's daily and weekly schedule can be approximately described in the below sentences:

6:30 am to 7:15 am Shooting Training 2 - 3 times a week.

7:20 am Breakfast at Carl von Ossietzky School very close to the Apartment. The lunch is always at the Carl von Ossietzky School for free. Jordi follows the coach's instructions for a sport-oriented diet.

Three days a week, Jordi travels with the train and tram from his apartment to Bremen University. This trip ordinary lasts about 1.5 hours for one route. Jordi capitalizes this period time to get prepared for the events. Since the routes last a total of 9 hours per week, Jordi should check, whether it is not possible to take courses from the summer semester 2018 at the University of Bremerhaven. This could optimize the travel times in favor of regeneration times.

Jordi is rightfully attending University of Bremen as student for two semesters. For the time being, his B1 language level has been recognized the by University. If he should continue his studies at University of Bremen or another German university as a full student after completing these two semesters, he has to succeed at C1 language test.

Every Tuesday and Wednesday Jordi trains and educates the Eisbären Kids (1,5 - 3 hours). This is a Minijob to earn some extra money.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 - 10 pm there training with the Eisbären Team II takes place. This team plays in the Regionalliga II Nord West Germany. Jordi is an important member of the team. Should Jordi continue the sport development process shown so far, he would have a chance in a team of the 2nd Bundesliga in Germany in the future.

During the first three months, Jordi did a lot of athletics training in the gym. He was able to improve his physical fitness in a great extent.

On weekends takes place the competition and Jordi is also scouting other Eisbären Teams.


In agreement with the coach, the local Manager Nils Ruttmann and the international manager Andres Abad (flights) Jordi is planning his vacation during the Christmas and New Year's Eve.

The positive development of Jordi in DECA project owes to the following factors:

In addition to his sporting talents, Jordi possesses a high degree of ambition, self-motivation, discipline and intellectual competences.

These competences are supported by the sports coach, the local management and the embedding in the cultural environment in Bremerhaven (apartment, side job, team).

There are improvements in the optimization of travel times for study and coaching of study (local management). Likewise, the possibilities for improving the German language should be sought (local management).


Co-finanziato dal Programma Erasmus Sport + dell'Unione europea.

Il sostegno della Commissione europea per la produzione di questa pubblicazione non costituisce un'approvazione dei contenuti che riflette il punto di vista degli autori, e la Commissione non può essere ritenuta responsabile per qualsiasi uso che possa essere fatto delle informazioni in essa contenute.

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